For this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you deserve a wedding that is as incredible and unique as your own love story. We offer a bespoke wedding experience, starting by building a clear vision of who you are as a couple. 

Every single event we plan is highly personalized, every service suite we create is fully tailored to your vision. Our European backgrounds inform our intentional, savvy, cultured and creative approach to wedding planning, design and execution. Therefore, we bring together top vendors who match our ethics and your vision to create a one-of-a-kind celebration that embodies your dream wedding and addresses the needs of your guests to the smallest detail.

Areas of Expertise

Our specific focus on offering exclusively full-service planning, design, and coordination is a deliberate choice, as is our decision to serve a limited number of clients each year.
This allows us to invest our undivided attention and commitment into each project, meticulously crafting an exceptional and comprehensive destination wedding journey.

Comprehensive Destination Wedding & Elopement Experiences

Marriage Proposals

Vow Renewals

Full-Service Planning,
Design and Coordination

Editorial Photo Shoots

Joyous Family Events

We believe in serving the full cake, not just a slice. Cookie-cutter packages don't fit into our philosophy. By handling every aspect of the planning, design, and coordination, we ensure unmatched quality.

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No Cookies Please

We collaborate exclusively with seasoned industry professionals, chosen for their service quality, ethical code, flexibility, language skills, and ability to meet the demands of an international high-end clientele.

Professionals only

We are not tied to particular venues and vendors, but make our recommendations objectively, starting from your vision and taking into account their service quality and professionalism.

Objective Recommendations

With Irene, it immediately felt personal.
We walked away from the call with Irene excited and utterly enamored. Irene was warm, inquisitive and thoughtful. She wanted to know about us as a couple - our likes and dislikes, what our ideal day looked like, how we wanted to feel.

- Jessica & Joe -

New York, USA

Words cannot express how thankful we are for Irene and team for their wonderful service. Every aspect of our experience with Irene was simply fanstastic, and it truly displays her professionalism, great work ethic, and excellent taste in aesthetics.

- Anlin & Sam -

Alberta, Canada

I thought that planning a wedding in Austria while living in Canada would be tough, but Irene made it seem effortless. I felt so stress free leading up to the day, and even on the day of Irene took care of everything so that I didn’t have to worry.

- Megan & Fraser -

from Ontario, Canada

Your touch made this moment magical.
Not in the world would I have wanted someone else to plan, manage and execute our event.

- two men in love -

after their marriage proposal in Vienna

The wedding was above all of our expectations. They made us feel like home.

- Raquel & Diego -

Madrid, Spain

Every professional who was recommended by Irene was beyond perfection, kind and warm, paying attention to all details and I really felt like they were old friends.

Establishing the core elements



Once you embark on planning a destination wedding, elopement, marriage proposal, or another celebration abroad with us, initial key decisions will shape the planning process and the core of the event concept. These include the destination, date, ceremony type, venue criteria, guest count, budget, and duration of the celebration. Don't worry if you can't provide all these details immediately - we know it can be overwhelming. But rest assured, we're here to support you. We'll guide you by posing insightful questions, assisting in expressing your desires, and evaluating your options until you arrive at the best decision.


Selecting your perfect Destination and venue

With your dream wedding in mind, we'll commence the venue search, using either our existing database or conducting extensive research tailored to your needs. Throughout this process, we'll provide in-depth comparisons, weighing the features, advantages, and drawbacks of each venue, along with price considerations and availability. If you wish to personally inspect the proposed venues before booking, we can arrange for compact, efficient itineraries for your visit. Should your schedule not allow you a personal visit, we'll tour the potential venues by ourselves and thoroughly document the findings for you. Once you've found your perfect venue, we'll meticulously review the contract to ensure all is in order.


Crafting a Comprehensive Wedding Experience Itinerary

We delight in planning events that span a weekend, or even an entire week, offering a variety of experiences at your chosen destination(s). From welcome dinners, boat trips, wine tastings, city tours, to pool parties, each activity complements the unique flavor of your destination wedding. Your guests will value the cohesive yet diverse experience of these events. After securing the main wedding date and venue, we delve into arranging the perfect venues for these complementary pre- and post-wedding activities.


Designing a Multi-Sensory Immersive Experience

We believe in engaging all senses to craft a truly immersive event. By interweaving visuals, fragrances, sounds, tastes, and tactile elements, we construct a captivating experience that resonates on every sensory level. Each component is thoughtfully curated to stimulate your senses, creating a holistic ambiance that is as visually stunning as it is sensorially engaging. Your event will not just be seen or heard, but fully experienced.


Assembling Your Dream Vendor Team

The cornerstone of bringing our meticulously crafted plans to life lies in selecting the ideal team of vendors. Our philosophy centers on prioritizing quality. Over the years, we've curated an exceptional list of wedding professionals, constantly seeking fresh talent to maintain a dynamic and diverse network. We recommend vendor teams tailored to your unique vision and budget, providing objective guidance on the merits and drawbacks of each option, with your best interests at the forefront.


Elevating the Guest Experience

First impressions indeed matter. From the moment your guests receive their bespoke invitation, we aim to make their experience unforgettable. We will curate a personalized wedding website, send out 'save-the-dates', manage RSVPs, and cater to dietary preferences. Additionally, we'll handle hotel accommodations, craft custom welcome boxes filled with local delights, and ensure they're delivered to guest rooms. These services are entirely customizable, tailored to your specific needs. We're also on hand to address any last-minute guest inquiries, allowing you to focus on your own travel preparations.


Perfecting the finer Details

Our attention to detail sets us apart. Our clients and vendor partners have often commended the thoroughness of our briefings, and it's this meticulous planning that we bring into the final stages. Whether we've had months or just weeks to plan your event, we refine every aspect, from logistics and timing to design, knitting them together into a cohesive wedding concept. This results in detailed briefings for each vendor, personalized versions for you, and your guests.


Bringing it all to life

The final piece to ensure a perfect event is seamless day-of coordination. We'll be there, gracefully and efficiently orchestrating behind the scenes, ensuring you fully enjoy each moment of your special day(s). Starting from a recap chat upon your arrival, through the ceremony rehearsal, welcome dinner, the entire wedding day, and finally, as you bid farewell to your guests at the post-wedding brunch, our guidance will be with you every step of the way.


Post-Event Follow-up

As the lights dim, our couples often express a desire to relive the experience. Whether it's to bask in the afterglow of your unforgettable event or to manage post-wedding logistics, our dedication extends beyond your final dance. We continue to work our magic behind the scenes, overseeing the dismantling, returning rentals, verifying and settling invoices, and arranging for any items to be shipped back to you as you set off on your honeymoon. Our commitment is to ensure a seamless end to your memorable celebration.


Our guests were so impressed by how well our 3 day wedding adventure went they have already made referrals to family and friends back home. We are still getting messages from them telling us how unforgettable our wedding trip was... I just keep saying “it’s all thanks to Irene!”.

- Megan & Fraser -

Ontario, Canada

Irene and Mihai provided their expert opinion when we asked for input, but they were never pushy and never tried to sway us in any particular direction. Irene graciously advocated for us when speaking to vendors.

- Jessica & Joe -

from New York, Usa

Cristina and Irene had created a Normandy wedding team out of thin air and managed each moving piece seamlessly. I don’t know that I will ever be able to thank them enough for my wedding day.

- Alexandra & Andrew -

from Boston, Usa

Irene is honest in her views and able to advise properly.

- Cigi & Andrew -

from London, UK

 She also knows how to select the best team of vendors to work with. She goes above and beyond to fulfill requests, even when they are new to her or different to what others would do. She is incredibly knowledgable about everything and anything to do with weddings and all the bits around it.  


100+ Guests

from 2500 € per attending guest

Each wedding concept we craft is custom-made, based on your unique vision and budget, which makes a static price list unsuitable for our personalized approach.
We prefer to form a connection with you, grasp your vision, and then offer a personalized quote for the full-scale planning, design, and coordination of your wedding, alongside an overall cost estimate. 
Our work, vision, and brand are characterized by superior aesthetics, robust ethics, and meticulous attention to detail, values that we hold dear. To safeguard these values, we've established certain minimum financial criteria.

For multi-day destination weddings, we recommend considering the following minimum total wedding budgets, which can cover venue rent, accommodation for the couple and potentially some guests for 2-3 nights, catering, photography, videography, decor, entertainment, makeup and hair, transportation, ceremony, and the planning, design, and coordination.
The actual final budget will be mutually refined as we dive deeper into the details, such as the chosen destination, specific services, itinerary, quality and quantity of necessary services etc. 

40-100 Guests

from 3000 € per attending guest

10-40 Guests

from 3500 € per attending guest

0-8 Guests

from 30.000 € total wedding budget

Minimum Total Wedding Budgets

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The more details you give us at this stage, the more relevant our answer will be.


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We are used to connecting with our couples on a deeply personal (read "highly emotional") level, and a complimentary video conference will be the best way to understand if we‘re made for each other. 


The Quote

Shortly after our first call, we'll send you a quote, along with our terms and conditions for the planning, design and coordination services. We highly appreciate your feedback within one week. 
You can simply accept the quote online, or follow up with any questions..


The Contract

Once we get your quote acceptance and collect some personal data, you will receive our service agreement for the planning, design and coordination. This is simply a combination of the quote details and our terms and conditions. We require your signature(s) electronically in this case, too.


The Retainer

After the contract is signed, you will receive the first invoice, and we kindly ask you to pay our booking fee, along with a vendor deposit - by credit card or bank transfer. After receipt of payment, we are officially in business together. Let the adventure begin! 


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