Our brides are left in a delightful dilemma, unsure whether to crown us wedding planners extraordinaire, the dream wedding planner team, or simply awesome.


THE GOAL is very simple. We're here to help you FALL IN LOVE with your WEDDING PLANNING

THE GOAL is very simple.We're here to help you FALL IN LOVE with your WEDDING PLANNING

Hello there.

Husband and wife, beauty addicts,
foodies, road trip fans.

We wholeheartedly believe that embracing the joy of life means indulging in these moments of celebration fully. Each day is an exquisite gift, and every milestone deserves the utmost respect it commands. At every significant turn in life's journey, we find a reason to celebrate ourselves.

It's a chance to dress up, to adorn ourselves in the extraordinary, and to revel in the magic of being alive. Life's tapestry is woven with these cherished moments, and they deserve to be painted with the colors of jubilation. So, let's honor ourselves and every chapter of life with the grandeur it deserves. Let's dance, laugh, and toast to our own magnificence – for within every celebration, we discover the essence of our souls. 

Our favorite part of the job? Exploring the unknown with one goal in mind: delivering the never-before-seen experience of a lifetime.

We're Irene & Mihai

'Tis often the rarity that makes
something so precious, wouldn't
you say? If I were to have such
extravagance daily then I might
begin to think the jewels and the
praise are ordinary rather than
treasure them as I do.

- Jody Hedlund -

Bestselling author


Meet irene

In my world, celebrations are a beautiful ode to self-love, as my wise mom used to say. 

Having founded High Emotion Weddings back in 2014, as an expression of this belief, my passion for creating enchanting experiences merges with my expertise in strategic planning and seamless execution. I pour my heart and soul into every event, crafting stories of love and joy that will be cherished forever. 

While my journey may have begun with studies in Economics and Communication & PR, my career path led me on an adventurous ride across various areas of multinational companies. I delved into Accounting, Project and Process Management, Performance Management, and Internal Communications, gathering valuable experiences along the way. These diverse encounters only amplified my inherent organizational talent, shaping my meticulous and detail-oriented work style.


meet Mihai

Hey there, I am Mihai
a.k.a. Mike.

Our couples say I am like a walking encyclopedia wrapped in an explorer's spirit. With a heart strung by the love for European history, architecture, and linguistics, and armed with an education in philology and business development, as well as a vast experience in international logistics, I am the go-to partner-in-crime for all things business and adventure.

Italy forever holds a cherished place in my heart, a land where beauty, history, and gastronomic delights weave together to narrate the most enchanting tales to my soul. When it comes to road trips, envision me as your dedicated explorer, eager to delve deeply into the heart of each locale. This journey allows me to unearth new and thrilling destinations, where every detail is steeped in authenticity and potential, crafting the most exquisite settings for future events.

There is nothing more beautiful
than seeing a person being
themselves. Imagine going
through your day being
unapologetically you.

- Steve Maraboli -

Speaker, Behavioral Science Academic


Coffee. Always. sometimes tea
we speak 5 languages. Almost 6
Calm and Kindness are gold!
Be lean! Be smart! Be digital!
Flowers. Flowers. More flowers
and each other

I learned Irene is always right about everything! If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing! 

- Karina & Stefan -

from Canada & The Netherlands

I have one word of advice for anyone on the fence about a destination wedding. DO IT, but have Irene and Mihai help.

- Jessica & Joe -

New York, USA

Irene’s attention to detail and organization is next to none. I thought I was über organised but she really beats me by a mile!

- Cigi & Andrew -

from London, UK

Everything that Irene touched was pure gold.

- Jessica & Joe -

New York, USA

If you want a day that’s truly special, truly one-of-a-kind, a day that truly captures and reflects your essence as a couple, you need to hire High Emotion Weddings.

Irene was simply a superstar.

- Anlin & Sam -

Alberta, Canada

She was able to provide us with so many valuable suggestions because of her wealth of knowledge and experience. She gave us choices and insights on the different topics, and made the navigation process as easy as possible. She was always organized, prepared and thorough

We believe your love story is unique and deserves our full attention.

Maintaining oversight of every facet of the planning process allows us to ensure the highest level of quality, curating an elevated experience for both our clients and guests.

That is why we decided to specialize exclusively in full-service planning, design, and coordination.

+ Destination Weddings
+ Elopements
+ Marriage Proposals
+ Vow renewals
+ Anniversary parties
+ Editorial Photo Shoots
+ Joyous Family Events


Natural beauty

Historical venues

Dramatic sceneries

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Cakes and couture

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