Getting married in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia

On the first weekend of October, I had the honour to participate in this extremely interesting tour for European wedding planners, scouting wedding venues for couples choosing the Italian flair for their big day. I have always been a very big fan of Italy, so this was the perfect opportunity to discover areas that are not so popular and advertised for, and of course to network with very nice colleagues from Italy, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.

I documented every visit thoroughly and have of course chosen my top 3, so here is a short photo review.
Photos are all by me - sorry for the disturbing white balance in some of them

Many thanks for the invitation to FVG Turismo & Lunargento! Grazie, Sonia, Brenda, Anna
If you want to read more about the region and the event possibilities in the area, there is also a book called Love Me in Friuli Venezia Giulia