Royals for a day in imperial Vienna, Austria

Concept, Planning & Coordination: High Emotion Weddings

Design & Decoration: Cup of Roses

Photography: Melanie Nedelko Fotografie

Venue: Hotel Imperial Vienna

Make-up & Hair: Adriana Holban Make-up Artist

Destination Wedding Elopement Planner Vienna Austria

Well, I still can't believe how much fun we had - Melanie and I - shooting this totally in love couple as Sissi & Franz.
Of course, it is great to see people so in love on their wedding days, but when you get such special requests from couples who have been together for years, it gets even more touching. Nico - the very loving husband - asked me back in January if I can organize a surprize destination shooting themed "Sissi & Franz". At Cup of Roses, themed shootings are a very beloved "service category" - yes, it is not all about flowers and wedding favours, but also organizing any kind of family & love events. So, my heart immediately jumped for joy, as I was already imagining an imperial setting and an incredibly romantic day for these cuties.
And wait till you hear the reason: it was supposed to be an anniversary surprise for his dear wife, Inge, who also had her birthday in May. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you - they came all the way from Antwerp, Belgium, and she had no idea where they were heading to until they reached the boarding gate. 


As they were flying to Vienna to their supposedly "normal city trip", everything was already arranged and I was sooo excited about the next day. I picked up the rented costumes and prepared the dinnerware, a cute flower arrangement to decorate the shooting setting and a bouquet for the birthday girl.

Our indoor venue was Hotel Imperial with its breathtakingly beautiful suites and hallways. We couldn't get enough of that imperial setting. I somehow (of course, with a very well planned speech) managed to "accidentally kidnap" exactly the right person from the Imperial Café and Inge followed me to the suite, where she received a letter from her husband and I had the pleasure to reveal the surprise.


At that point, she was taken over by Adriana and "transformed" into Sissi, ready for an imperial Viennese experience. In the meanwhile I helped Nico to turn into Franz :) Their glances and happy smiles when they met again - PRICELESS!! I knew at that very moment that all my work was worth it.


We continued the historic journey on that amazing spring day to the Belvedere Castle - they were a sensational appearance for all. Countless cameras clicked besides Melanie's. You don't get to see an imperial couple every day after all :)


After this experience, I can only wish all couples to celebrate their love with every occasion and offer each other such moments of pure joy.


My happiness was also complete when I saw the gorgeous pictures by Melanie Nedelko Fotografie and this Thank-you-mail:

… thank you for the wonderful day we had in Wien.
It was perfect! We really enjoyed the time spent in Wien and posing as Sissi and Franz. Thanks for making this a once in a lifetime experience!
All the best,
— Inge (A.K.A. Sisi) & Nico (Franzie)